Make your own doll

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 In the workshop, we learn about the method and types of domestic cloth woven by weavers in the area of Hrvatski Zagorje. The weaving workshop and tools are presented in the permanent exhibition From hemp and flax to linen, and clothing, folk costumes, bed linen, tablecloths, towels and others made of linen can be seen in the Museum's permanent exhibitions. The motivation for the workshop is to discover the ornaments and colors of traditional Zagorje embroidery, which we get to know on different textile items. Children create an artistic expression on the theme of traditional Zagorje embroidery by making a doll on a stove, which they dress in shirts made of paper and painted with ornaments of traditional Zagorje embroidery.

Target audience: children aged 8-14

Venue: in the Life and Economy of the Zagorje Family facility

Maintenance time: throughout the year

The workshop is held exclusively with prior notice and appointment booking