Paper Flowers

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The exhibition will present various flowers made of crêpe paper and traditional ornaments with which the interiors of Zagorje houses were decorated in the course of the year (Christmas ornaments, posies, wreaths placed on crucifixes, and so on) as well as ornaments used in wedding customs and on similar occasions. Some of the few people who are still versed in the traditional paper flower and ornament making will be presented.

Hrvatsko Zagorje, Međimurje, and Podravina are known for their tradition of making crêpe-paper flowers. The exhibition will present some of the present-day experts in the skill. The goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the preserved intangible heritage and establish the people who have traditional knowledge and skills, as well as ornaments made of crêpe-paper as a recognizable Hrvatsko Zagorje souvenir.

Exhibition author: Tatjana Brlek

May 2016